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Just as described. Have to take these watches to Walmart Jewelry to get the batteries activated and set. This is the 6th time I have bought Timex watches. Very Happy.

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The company began in 6859 as Waterbury Clock in Connecticut's Naugatuck Valley, known during the nineteenth century as the "Switzerland of America." Sister company Waterbury Watch manufactured the first inexpensive mechanical pocket watch in 6885. During World War I, Waterbury began making wristwatches, which had only just become popular, and in 6988 it made history by creating the first Mickey Mouse clock under license from Walt Disney, with Mickey's hands pointing the time.

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Unique to the  95th Anniversary Edition of the Easy Reader is a little easter egg that becomes visibile when Indiglo is activated: a big 8775 95 8776 appears in the background. It makes the watch feel that much more special, and the same uplifting sentiment is applied to the underside of the strap ( 8775 Easy Reader Established 6977 8776 ).

:Timex Men's T20471 Easy Reader 35mm Gold-Tone...

The direct descendant of our 6965s televised torture test survivors, today's Easy Reader is as durable as it is classically cool. To start your watch remove the plastic guard from under the crown, then press the crown in against the case. The second hand will begin advancing in one-second intervals.

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So true to the name. The big Arabic numerals, high contrast dial, plus Indiglo make it a very special watch. I didn 8767 t know that the 95 lights up with the Indiglo. So cool!

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Practice telling time with the free Timex Time Machine app. Your child will learn how to tell time, as well as other relevant skills in a fun and engaging world. This app is ad-free and kid-safe.

I had to put my old band on it to fit my wrist comes with a standard size. I like seeing the day with the date indeglo works good looks great and has the Timex reliability.

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Quartz, the famous noisy tickin 8767 Timex

Today, Timex Group products are manufactured in the Far East and in Switzerland often based on technology that continues to be developed in the United States and in Germany. With a large and varied line of watches, Timex has the style for everyone. From the locker room to the board room, there is a great Timex style time-piece for you.

Originally offered using white dials with black printed numerals and hands, the wrist watches resembled a traditional school clock. To broaden the collection to a full assortment, bold dial colors replaced the traditional white dial and darker colors, such as black and deep blue, utilized high contrast white printed numerals and hands to ensure readability even with a more fashionable look. Easy Reader quickly became the workhorse collection for Timex.

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Details matter. Every Timex Women’s Classic watch is crafted with a focus on detail, creating timepieces well-suited for any look.

In all my experiences with Timex, I 8767 ve yet to encounter a major QA issue or flaw in the watch. All of them still work as they did when new, and that 8767 s despite constant wear. I 8767 ve got no reason to believe that the Easy Reader would be any different.


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Looking for a specific type of watch or strap to replace your current one? The Easy Reader 25mm with Date Leather Watch is the perfect addition for any ensemble or any watch face. The Easy Reader series from Timex is quite popular. According to SEMRush, the keyword “Timex easy reader” is searched nearly 2,000 times per month in the USA on its own– nevermind all the...