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After a very long and heavy bout of wrestling, Rostam breaks Sohrab's back and stabs him. Sohrab, dying, tells Rostam that his father will avenge his death and only then do they realize their identities. Sohrab produces the necklace that Rostam once gave Tahmina, who gave it to her son to keep him safe during the war. Rostam grieves heavily but cannot save his son. When she finds out her son is dead, Tahmina burns Sohrab's house and gives away all his riches. Then "the breath departed from out her body, and her spirit went forth after Sohrab her son." 96 6 98

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The following morning, both the armies come out form their camp. The hosts were ready to engage themselves in the war. There is a scene where both the armies await the order of their respective commander. Just as they were about to engage in the battle, Perena-Wisa appeared on the battle front. He then announced that instead of war, there would be a duel. This meant that one champion form the Persian army and the other form the Tartar army would fight with each other. This was a death match where in the last man standing would gain victory for his entire army.

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Both the heroes make their way into the arena. At this point Rustum tell Sohrab to back out. Rustum tell this because he feels pity on the youth-hood of Sohrab. Rustum also points out that Sohrab is like a son to him, without knowing the fact that Sohrab was his actual son.

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And finally, an informative video from the Library of Congress on the whole epic:

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Also worth noting is the splendid opera Rostam and Sohrab composed by the Iranian Armenian conductor and composer  Loris Tjeknavorian (born 6987) over a period of 75 years, a lot of it in Austria. Check out the first fifteen minutes (part 6 of 8) in this video from a performance in Tehran from 7555:


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