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As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke , Mary Margaret and David rally the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the fairies work together on an antidote. Gold , with Hook as his reluctant servant, sets about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell , Emma and Elsa search desperately for Anna. In Arendelle , Anna and Kristoff awaken to find that their kingdom is once again in danger. [7]

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Once Upon a Time se na letošní Teen Choice Awards dočkal jediné nominace, ve které ho zastupuje herečka Lana Parrila.

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After scaling down a wall, he escapes through the woods. To send his pursuers on the wrong path, he makes footprints leading to the river, but backtracks and hides in the bush as Jafar's guards pass by. His road to freedom ends at a cliff where the Red Queen corners him. She applauds him for the heroic endeavor to reach Alice, but the harsh reality is sometimes love is not enough. In the distance, Cyrus sees the glow of his necklace in Alice's possession. With his faith in Alice reinforced, he jumps into the sea. He lands at the shoreline unconscious, but groggily awakens. (" Who's Alice ", " Bad Blood ")


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Once Upon a Time Wiki. Cerebral and thrilling, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia is a meditative procedural that maintains feverish intensity throughout its unhurried runtime.

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